Bent Rej Photography

Bent Rej passed away in 2016, leaving his life’s work of rock photographies, Cuban travels, Pinup-girls and much more for his two daughters Ny and Cathrine. They have carried on the legacy and now exhibit and sell his works in collaboration with various galleries.

“We wish to extend poeple’s knowledge of our fathers legacy, to continue to share his work with other photo art enthusiasts and collaborate with only the best galleries possible. Even though we were just (barely) born at that time (in the early sixties) we are still passionate about his work, vibrant, intimate and sometimes vulnerable moments of some of the greatest rock legends in their very early beginning of a great career. We enjoy them and hope you will too!”

– Ny Rej


Bent Rej

Bent Rej – at that time a 25 year old photographer at the Danish newspaper “Ekstra Bladet” – was assigned to document the Scandinavian and German leg of The Rolling Stones 1965 European Tour. He soon became part of the Stones’ entourage and became a close friend of especially Brian Jones. This proximity to the artists led to his becoming part of an exclusive group of photographers that hung out with all of those who helped define this unique musical era. So much has been written about the rebellious music of the sixties – but nothing captures the freedom, recklessness and sex drugs and rock’n roll as the photography. Bent Rej’s photographs are glimpses of a magical era where music tested its limits and the new genre of rock was in the throes of its birth. Bent’s work not only shows us portraits of legendary rock musicians from the 1960’s, it also represents a rare insight into a musical universe littered with personal memories thanks to his intimate friendships with the artists. His fine sense for visual composition meant that his pictures not only serve as documentation; they are also exceptionally well-composed works of art in their own right. Bent continued as a rock photographer for various publications, most notably the British magazine “Fabulous”. Later he turned to fashion and advertising and was for a long period associated with Carlsberg and their iconic “Probably the best beer in the world” campaign.Bent Rej’s rock photographs have been exhibited in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, France and the USA. His photos of the The Rolling Stones are included in the collector’s edition – published by TASCHEN.