The Who

“On one of my first trips to London in 1965, I went to Stevenage in Hertfordshire to take pictures of a new band called The Who – it was at Bowes Lyon House Youth Centre. It was a Thursday evening and that afternoon the band had been in Manchester recording TV’s ‘Top of the Pops’. They told me that they had flown on a charted aircraft to Luton Airport just to make the gig. 

It was mayhem when the Who went on stage. There were forty bouncers in a human chain across the front of the stage and girls were fainting and being carried backstage where my wife Inge used smelling salts to revive them. We became friends and in February the following year we flew to Switzerland to do some skiing and make a photo session for publicity. “

Bent Rej,  Sixties Rock Legends – On Stage Back Stage

The Who, Copenhagen 1966